USA vs Germany – Brazil World Cup 2014

By | June 26, 2014

USA-vs-GermanyUSA will fight hard to lap up this golden chance of securing a berth in the ‘Group of 16’. This explains the significance this match holds for the USA. Germany, on the other hand, is in a relatively safe position as it would anyway qualify for the next match even if it were to lose this match against USA. So the odds are stacked against USA and it is very important for them to win this match at all costs.

      USA’s chance to the ‘group of 16’ also, to a large extent, depends on the result of the game between game between Ghana and Portugal. If Ghana was to win against the Portugal with a decent margin and the US was to lose against Germany, the Americans will have to give up on their golden dream of finding a place in the ‘group of 16’. If a situation arises wherein the goal difference of both the teams is the same, then the team that scores the higher number of goals will qualify to move to the next round.

       Germany has been on a strong footing all through this series. It has scored close to 60 goals in the past few matches averaging almost 3 goals a match. However, Ghana kind of upset the team and exposed the vulnerabilities of the German team. The 2-2 draw, though did not impact the morale of the team, the game did definitely expose the flaws in the strategy that the Germans had adopted. Though elimination from the groups is highly improbable for Germany it is important for the team to play carefully in order to sustain the momentum that they have been maintaining over the past few games.

      A look at the statistics indicates that these two teams have played nine times against each other on earlier occasions. While Germany has won six games, the U.S.A had won only three games. While there were a total of thirty six goals scored in the nine games, Germany made 21 of them while the USA scored the remaining fifteen goals. So the chances are high for Germany this time around as well given the top form they have been exhibiting all through the World Cup matches. While team USA has pinned high hopes on its players Jermaine Jones and DaMarcus Beasley the Germans are hoping for Thomas Müller and Miroslav Klose to work wonders for them and help them secure a berth in the ‘group of 16’.

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The odds that Germany would win this game are Germany USA 3×1. A strong on-field game strategy combined with some excellent game play has seen Germany come out with flying colors albeit a few vulnerabilities. But if the Germans get their act together then there would be no stopping them. As far as the USA is concerned while a win is very much necessary they also have the goal difference to take care of in order to stay afloat. We will have to wait and watch.