Sports Predictor – How do they work?

By | October 4, 2014

ball2Betting on sports is a popular means of gambling across many countries. The sports betting industry has grown many folds since the advent of the internet betting sites. People now have the option of placing bets from their home without any hassles. This has made online betting as the most preferred means of betting which in turn has led to the emergence of many sites offering sports predictions, betting advice, tips and online guides.

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Many sports predictor sites are a hit among new punters and they rely on them to guide them to a winning bet. Like with any gambling, a sports predictor is not always accurate. It will have its own limitations in terms of success ratio as there are many non tangible factors to be considered while making predictions. Injuries, fickle weather, political conditions, etc cannot be always be factored in any prediction logic. But nevertheless, sites try to device ways to achieve at least 55 % success ratio.

How does a sports predictor work?

The decreasing cost of hardware has made data storage very easy. Lot of historical data of any sports can be easily archived and then later used for any kind of data analysis. All sites which have the sports predictor take advantage of the above fact. Each company comes up with a computer program (algorithm) which takes past statistics as input, applies current factors and comes up with a formula to predict the outcome.
Statistics play a very important role in this analysis. So that needs to be accurate. Various factors like past performances, home game or away game, entire team line up and recent performances form the crux of the sports predictor algorithm. Once these data is fed in, and any other complexity multiplication factors are added, the software comes up with the predictions.
The sports predictor sites do not restrict to the prediction of result alone. Some of them also have come up with algorithms to predict the final scores too.
These predictions are then put up in the sports predictor websites along with the statistics so that punters can do their own research as well before locking in on any particular prediction. There are betting sites which take bets on final scores. So a sports predictor giving final score predictions is a good option to go through before placing the bet.
Never blindly follow any site’s predictions. Like how statistics is used in sports predictor sites, use their statistics to determining their prediction accuracy. No prediction algorithm can boast of 100 % accuracy. A prediction accuracy trend of 60-70% can be considered decent enough and you can think of taking the risk of believing that sports predictor.
The algorithm is only as good as the person who has developed it. So look for reviews of the sites, check out user experiences before taking the decision from any sports predictor. Compare the predictions across different sites and see the rationale displayed if any for their predictions. If 3 sites recommend a win and only 1 says a loss, it will be safer to follow the majority. Take your chances and have a safe bet!!