Sports Betting Analysis – How to place a winning bet?

By | September 25, 2014

Sports-Betting-AnalysisBetting on sports is a popular activity amongst punters all over the world. It is a form of gambling and hence the probability of a win is same as that of a loss. Punters try to increase the chances of a win by conducting an analysis before going for the sports betting.
It has been observed that before betting on any sport an analysis of all the statistics before a match increases the chances of a win.
How should we go about doing a sports betting analysis prior to any match? Well, in this article we try to look at some of the ways in which we can do an analysis.

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Surf the net and compare the odds
There are many online sports betting sites and each of them uses their own sports betting analysis to come up with odds for a match. Go through each site and compare the odds or use sites which are exclusively present on the web for this sort of comparison only. You will get an idea of how the odds are placed, what are the predictions. This will help you to understand the probabilities of all possible outcomes and then you choose the right kind of bet.

Statistical sports betting analysis

Bookies use their own statistics to come up with their odds and set them up to maximise their profits. As a punter you too can do your own statistical sports betting analysis for crucial matches. Internet is full of sites hosting team data. You can easily see the past trends, current forms of the teams and determine the possible outcome.
There are some factors which should be considered in any sports betting analysis. They are
Where is the match being played? The home team always has an extra edge in most matches
Are the key players playing? If any key player has been injured the odds will change drastically. Similarly if any key player is back from injury it also will make a difference to the odds.
What is the weather forecast? The climate plays an important role in many match results.
What is the team composition? Usually big countries sport fresh teams to give match practice to young players. In such a case though the country is a renowned one, it might not have the potential to win the match. So wait till the time line up is announced.
How important is a win? Sometimes once a team gets qualified to the next stage, the remaining qualifier matches for that team are not significant. Some countries give rest to key players in such a case and some treat it like an important match. You should analyze the past data in this kind of sports betting analysis to see the trend and come up with your choice.
Sport betting analysis doesn’t always guarantee a success. Past performance doesn’t guarantee anybody’s performance. Today is always a bright new day. Going only by gut feel is never recommended in any form of betting. A proper structured analysis prior to placing a bet will always help if not make you win.