Good Sports Bets

By | August 30, 2014

Good Sports Bets an Historical Overview

The world of sports is incomplete without the activity of placing bet. It is an inevitable pair like the sun and the moon. Like every game luck matters in this selections as well. Bettors have both good days and bad. They live in the moment of a match and experience the thrill of the game. Through history the world has seen some extraordinary bets which have left a lasting impression on mankind.

The Good Bets through History

Below are a few bets that need to take a mention:
#1 50 Cent Bets on Giants
50 cent the popular rap artist bet on the Giants in the NFC championship to win half a million dollars. He then doubles his bet and puts in a million dollars to an astonishing result of them winning the Super Bowl rings.
#2 Betting on Mali
In the opening match of Africa Cups of Nation on 10th January 2010 Mali was losing to Angola with 4 – 0. With 16 minutes remaining in the game a mysterious bettor bets $7.8 on Mali. Considering the state of the game most would consider this $7.8 lost. However this audacious bettor had a vision like no other or simply got lucky since he won. The Malians produced four spectacular goals in the last few minutes making people suspect this man had found discovered time travel.

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#3 The Thousand Dollar on Safety as First Score Super Bowl Wager
There have been a total of 7 safeties that have been scored in the Super Bowl. However in Super Bowl XLVI a thousand dollar wager was place on the first score being a safety. And prior to this there was only one instance where the first score was a safety. The likelihood of that happening again seemed near to impossible. But Jona Rechnitz still placed a bet on it. He got a payout of $50, 000 from the Las Vegas MGM Grand sports book
#4 Erick Lindgren’s bet on Golf Endurance
Erick Lindgren is a professional poker player. He set a bet with his poker buddies that he could play 4 rounds of golf in a row. He played 4 rounds in over 100 degrees at Las Vegas and scored under 100 in all four rounds. He had a pay-out of $340, 000.
#5 Cardinals winning 2011 World Series
An unidentified fan staked $250 on the Cardinals at an odds of 500 – 1. He also put in another $250 on his team winning at odds of 999 to 1. That year the Cardinals an underdog defeated each team stealing all the glory and make that man extremely rich with a pay-out of $375,000
#6 Xabi Alonso’s Goal Pay-out
In July 2005 Adrian Hayward was hoping for player Xabi Alonso of Liverpool to score a goal from one end of the field. The odds of this outcome was 125 – 1. The pay-out he received was 25,000 pounds.
#7 The 15- Fold Accumulator Win
In 2001 a bettor from Staffordshire, England bet 30 pence on an accumulator bet. His selection was given the odds of 1,666,666 – 1. The bettor won a pay-out of 500, 000 pound.