Free sports bet picks – Will they really help you in sports betting

By | September 27, 2014

Free-sports-bet-picksSport s betting is not everyone’s cup of tea. But the internet has made its recipe available to everyone at attractive rates!! So those who want to know what is cooking in the sports betting industry just need to log in to the net and viola a full array of items are there on the menu. From soccer to basketball, from baseball to cricket, you name it and the bets are placed on all possible games.
For a first time cook, this sports bet recipe can be a daunting task. The internet again comes to the rescue of such amateurs. There are a variety of help sites dedicated to sports betting which offer free sports bet picks. These picks are nothing but handpicked advices from professionals who do hours of research and come up with winning picks which are likely to convert to a winning proposition.

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What are free sports bet picks?

Free sports bet picks are the result of brainstorming of a team of professionals employed by sports website companies. These professionals use computer algorithms and their professional sports betting experience to come with percentages of winning probability of each type of bet opened for the public in various sports book sites. They compute probability of all bets like result, winning handicaps, margin of victory, number of goals, etc.
Once these probabilities are computed, they are ranked on the basis of their possibilities and then announced to the public in the form of free sports bet picks.
There are many sites like zulubet,, (all sites are only quoted for your reference) and many others which get listed the moment you type in free sports bet picks in your search engine. Picking up a really useful site best suited for you can again be an issue. Well, statistical research can take care of this confusion. Compare the previous day’s results with the results predicted by the sites and calculate their accuracy percentages. Most of these sites themselves show their historical archived data to for a quick calculation to find their success ratios.
There are many review based sites which rate the free sports bet picks sites and also tell us which tipsters are the best of the lot.
The beauty of these free sports bet picks is that once punters are comfortable with the site, we can also pick up picks of sports which they usually do not watch and have no clue about. Just go with the predictions of the free sports bet pick and place your bet. Start with low stakes so that you do not lose out your bankroll in case of a loss. If you win, it will reinforce your belief in the site and your positive reviews will help other new punters like you. This is how the business of free sports bet picks works on the basis of word of mouth reviews.
The free sports bet picks keep flowing in till the matches actually start. So keep monitoring the picks in case of any major fluctuations in the predictions so that you do not miss out any last minute action!!