Free Betting Tips

By | July 28, 2014

Sports betting are a major activity in many parts of the world. These are considered a viable form of investment by many. While placing a bet one must understand the market. There are many varieties of betting in the market. Some work on per game basis and the others are for a complete season. In all the betting variety there are a few simple free betting tips that must be followed. Although strategies are different for each the underlying process of making a selection will remain the same. While considering a season betting all games can be treated as individual games and analysed.

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Free Betting Tips for Winners

1. Deciding the Maximum Budget – Determining the maximum budget before starting the process of betting is a very key strategy. A balance need to be struck between a budget that is high enough to make a sizeable winning and low enough to avoid bankruptcy.
2. Deciding the Per Bet Limit – Distributing the betting budget multiples the odds. Putting eggs in one basket does not do the trick in the proverb and neither does it here. Limiting the maximum bet will increase the odds of winning.
3. Choosing a Betting Category – For beginners it is advisable to start with two betting categories – Full Time Result and Total Under/Over. In full time result the player must select form three possible outcomes of home win, away win or draw. Total under/ over is the prediction of the number of goals scored in the match. Research has showed that betting on these two categories has the highest likelihood of winning. There are other categories one can select but it is advisable to go for those after reaching a certain degree of proficiency.
4. Understanding the Outcomes – calculating the probability of a win for a particular prediction. The probability can range on 0% to 100%.
5. Selecting the website on which the betting will take place needs to be reliable and provide the selection that has been concluded by the player.
6. Choosing a Bookmaker – The most suited bookmaker is the one with the highest odds for the selected outcome.
7. Comparing bookmaker’s odds and betting probability by multiplying them among each other to determine the value which can then be used to check the accuracy of the prediction.
8. Finding a stake with high winning potential is a very important step. After this the budget needs to be divided to attain maximum probability of winning.
9. Selecting the league for placing the bet. Once the website is selected the league with the best performance for that site can be considered.
10. Placing the stack with the bookmaker.

Understanding the sport that one is planning on betting is an extremely important criterion. With an in-depth knowledge of the sport at hand one can raise able to pool and make a winning selection. Line-makers make a lot of money because of their understanding of the game. They are experts in predicting the outcome as they have appreciated the science behind the sport. The odds for any match can be determined with a set of rules pertaining to each team’s performance. There are also many tools that take care of this.