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Sports Betting Strategy & Tips

Sports-Betting-StrategyBetting is popular world wide. Every day lots of money gets into the sports betting industry and the boom of online betting sites is making the betting industry grow year on year.
Bookmakers are reaping profits as they gain new customers every day. But are the bettors really gaining? No, unfortunately people continue to lose on bets. That is because lots of people still bet on gut feel .They do not take advantage of the huge information present across the internet nor do they consider sports betting strategy.
There are some basic sports betting strategy or tips which will help you in the long run to maintain a consistent profitable run in your betting history.

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Basic Sports betting strategy and tips

The first sports betting strategy is to determine your budget and stick to it. When you embark onto the sports betting journey the basic strategy is to set aside how much maximum money you are ready to risk. This is called your bankroll. Never bet more than 5% of your budget at a given time to safeguard your money in case of any loss. Betting small amounts minimises the risk. Many punters fall prey to temptation and use the money set aside for some other chores to bet on. When they lose they lose their all important money. Even when you win and your bankroll increases in size maintain the 5% rule.
Choosing the right bet
Be prepared to lose some bets. No one has a 100% winning streak. Even if you maintain a winning streak of close to 55% you can make good gains. But the million dollar question here is finding that sports betting strategy to get those 55% of winning tips. Well, the strategy is simple. Research and statistics help you to analyze past performance and predict the bets with higher win probability. There are many sites which are there to help you do this. If you do not have the time to do it yourself, find out good site offering good picks and tips. There are many betting communities where tipsters offer tips for free as well as for a premium rate. Read the reviews of such tipsters, check their accuracy rates. Many sites will have this information against the tipster profile.
Comparing the odds across sites
Different sites have different odds for the same bets. It is actually a very good sports betting strategy to compare the odds and place a bet with the bookmaker which gives you a better odd. It is perfectly OK to open accounts with multiple betting sites and place bets where you get the better odds on a particular day. Also, many sites have free bets. So the best sports betting strategy is to utilize your free bets in these sites.
Betting in the right frame of your mind
This is more of an advice than a sports betting strategy. Never ever bet under the influence of alcohol, drugs and even when your mind is stressed. A clear mind is the key to making good decisions. This strategy will always help you to minimize your losses.
So in a right frame of mind follow these sports betting strategy and tips and bet safe!!

Sports Betting Trends

Sports Betting TrendsSports betting goes on all over the world. Soccer, baseball, hockey, cricket, tennis and basketball are some of the popular sports on which bets are offered. Bettors can choose to approach betting offices or opt for the online sports books and open accounts with them and place bets. Sports betting terminologies are confusing for new bettors and hence they can lose out on winning bets if they do not understand the odds.
The odds are the stakes presented by the bookmakers on a bet. The odds for the same match are different across different betting sites. The logic used is a combination between the computer predictions and the direction towards which the betting is being favored. When the betting lines are open, the initial odds are called opening line. The line keeps moving as the match approaches. This line movement needs to be tracked. Sports betting trends monitor what is the public reaction to the opening line.

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Why sports betting trends should be monitored?

Once the public starts betting, sports books change the lines if the betting is going one sided towards the favorites. To make the betting more attractive on the underdog, the lines get tilted in favor of the underdogs. Once the betting start taking place on the underdogs as well the sports betting trends show the shift towards the underdogs.
Since every sports book has different odds, monitoring the sports betting trends for each sports book will give the bettor an idea on what are the users of the sports book betting on. It indicates where the majority of betting happening is and what the public sentiment about a particular match is. There are many sports betting sites which give information about the sports betting trends of different sports books. It is also called as betting percentages. These sports betting trends are useful when observed across many sports books as it means a bigger data base and thereby help in quicker decision making. A small database of only two sports books might not be really useful.
Keeping track of sports betting trends is one of the key strategies used by professional punters to decide which bets will yield them higher chances of a win. Once the line starts moving they come to know that public has start backing which team. They can then research and find out if the trend is really going to stay in favor of one team or will change and which team is likely to win.
All sports book do not move lines at the same pace. When we monitor sports betting trends across sites, in case of sharp line movements in multiple sites, you can quickly place your bet on a sports book which has not yet moved its line. Again this is a betting strategy used by professional punters all over the world to go in for the killer bet.
Sports betting trends monitoring will not be available for free in all sites. There are some which charge for it and you need to decide whether it is something which you really want to do. For a new punter it will not really make much sense to follow the sports betting trends as for low risk bets the trends do not change much.

How to make use of sports betting data

sports betting dataSo you have decided to take up sports betting and are now reading the articles over the net to determine your next move. Well you are in the right track. Research will take you a long way in guiding you to proper methodical sports betting rather than placing bets just on gut feel. There are lots of sports betting data waiting for you. Converting it to useful information is the key to succeed in sports betting.

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Using sports betting data

Data is used by bookmakers as well as by punters in all sports betting. Sports betting data comprises of historical match records, individual and team performance records, home win record, away win record, list of factors which have affected match results and so on….the list is endless. The increasing technological innovations have made data storage devices very cheap and so you can store sports betting data dating back to year and years ago. Along with match related data, another important sports betting data is the record of the betting sites, success records of betting tipsters, winning percentage of daily picks, free tips, premium tips and all other things which anyone can research on.
When there is so much sport betting data stored everywhere how is it used? Well, statistical analysis of sports betting data has been going on since ages. All this data goes in as input into numerous betting algorithms which come up with the winning predictions, goal predictions, etc to maintain good profit margins for bookies. This information then determines the sports betting line. The odds get placed by the bookies and then the research on the odds start by the websites using betting sites odds as input. At the same time the punters start with their own research using the sports betting data odds.
It is wonderful how different kind of sports betting data gets used in different stages right from laying the odds to the declaration of the winning bets. There are websites whose sole purpose is to make a living out of sports betting data. They analyse all kinds of data and churn out useful information to want to be successful punters. It is a real help to people who want to just concentrate on their core intention of laying a bet rather than research all kinds of sports betting data. Off course you cannot simply go by all claims of the success of sport betting data analysis in these sporting sites. You need to review them before believing them. For that too there are other sites which offer reviews about these sites. These reviews too are based on the sports betting data in terms of accuracy percentages of the tips offered. So it is indeed a round world in sports betting data, hah, hah.
Many guiding websites provide excel sheets having formulae based on the sports betting data to the users. You can play around with data in these sheets and see the results to determine your winning combinations. Statistical structured betting using sports betting data will definitely help you all to achieve success in your new journey into the sports betting world.