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Sports betting computer predictions

Sports-betting-computer-predictionsSports betting has evolved over the years. From simple bet slips to advanced forms of betting over the internet, there are various options present for a bettor to place his bets. The more the number of options to choose from, the more are the chances of risk. The bets are placed all round the year as there is no lull in the sports industry. Cricket, soccer, baseball, hockey, some or other matches keep getting played. For a bettor familiar with only one kind of sport, jumping to a new one for sports betting is not an easy job. In this scenario the various sports websites come handy.

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Sports betting computer predictions – Help to choose the bets

Nowadays computer programs run almost everything from banking software to online shopping stores. So it is not a wonder that computer programs and algorithms have reached the world of sports betting predictions. Websites hire professional programmers with sports betting industry domain experience to write computer programs to generate the sports betting predictions as an output.
These computer predictions are the result of years of research. The decreasing costs of online data storage have resulted in easy storing and archiving years and years of sports data. Using this past and current team form data, computer programs process the odds to come up with the winning predictions.
Computers can predict the result of the match, goal margin, final scores, betting line movements. These predictions are then fed on a continuous basis to the websites which host these match information. This forms the live stream of predictions which are available to the users on a continuous basis.
Once the sports book odds are published for the bets, the opening line is decided and the bets are open for bets to be placed. As the betting activity progresses, the bookies move the lines depending on which direction the bets are being placed. Computer predictions on line movements help the bettor to decide when to place the bet. Once the line reaches an odd favorable, a bettor can place the bet and increase his winnings.
Most of the sites will not share their computer programs which generate these sports betting predictions. Some of them will have an option for you to buy such a program from them and some will offer excel spreadsheets with macros for free to try out predictions on your own. These programs will help you to simulate the matches feeding in the various parameters and generate the prediction as an output.
Sites will market their own computer predictions as the best of the lot guaranteeing success ratio of greater than 60-70%. But before opting for paid computer predictions, try out the free software’s first and bet with lesser risks.
Manage your money in such a way that the bet amount is optimum and risk chances are less. Never expect instant success. A computer prediction is also after all programmed by humans only. So an always accurate prediction is never practical. Take your chances and slowly you will come to know the match winning sports betting computer predictions!!! You might fail in the beginning but slowly once you get the knack of it, you will start to see the results for yourself.

Sports Betting Spread –All about spread betting

Sports-Betting-SpreadBetting on sports is a popular form of gambling which has been going on since a long time. The concept of sport betting has evolved over the years and now bookies keep inventing newer ways to secure their profits. Punters are becoming smart and using sports betting strategies, so the bookmakers keep reinventing the way the odds are placed so that more customers are attracted and the profits pour in.
Traditionally the money line method is used to do betting where only the result (win, lose or draw) matters. In case of a one- sided match, people tend to bet on favorites only. So make things more interesting, the spread betting was introduced in sports betting.


How to interpret a sports betting spread:

In any sports betting, a spread means giving both teams an equal chance of winning a bet. This is done by assigning a handicap to the favorite team. For a bet to be a winning one, the result alone doesn’t matter. The handicap is taken into consideration.
For example in a soccer match between Team A and B, if A is the favorite, bookies will give a handicap of say -2 goals. Any bet placed on Team A, will be a winning one only if Team A wins by more than 2 goals. If it wins by 1 goal, you lose the bet even if Team A wins. In case Team A wins by 2 goals, it is considered a draw and no money is won or lost.
Any bet placed on Team B will be a winning one if Team B loses by less than 2 goals or the match is a goalless draw or Team B wins.
A bookmaker doesn’t stand to gain anything in case of a draw as he has to return back the funds but effort has gone into collecting bets. So many bookmakers give a handicap in decimal points to eliminate the possibility of a draw as practically a decimal point is not possible in a sport.
Spread betting is a much more risky form than money line betting as money line depends on the match outcome only. In spread betting, since the margin matters, even if a favorites team wins, people might end up losing bets. This is a good proposition for bookmakers as majority of folks will always prefer to bet on the favorites.
When to use money line and when spread betting?
There is no clear cut answer to this question. The beauty of some sports betting like football and basketball is that the bets are taken in both formats. So punters can look at the handicaps and then decide if it would be practical to take the risk. If the stakes are very high, it is always better to stick to the money line where at least if the gain is less, you will have a win if the favorites win. Betting on an underdog is advised only after thorough research of the playing conditions and players as you stand to win more if you bet on the underdog.
Be sure to understand the sports betting spread before you embark on the journey of spread betting. Be it money line or point spread, risks are always there in sports betting. So manage your money well.

Soccer betting – How to make a bet on soccer

Soccer-bettingBetting has been looked upon as a means to earn some quick bucks worldwide. Folks can bet on almost all possible sports these days and some sites even offer bets on reality television shows!! Soccer betting is the most popular option when it comes to sports betting. From small league matches to major tournaments like World cup and Euro Cup, soccer betting is possible on all these matches. The internet has made soccer betting accessible to many people and as a result today more and more people are hooked to soccer betting.
Like any form of gambling, soccer betting is also risky and in order to minimize risks, a structured approach should be taken towards soccer betting.

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Structured soccer betting

Master the basics of soccer betting
Before you decide to open a soccer betting account, first go through the betting terminologies like odds, lines, money line, point spread and handicap. Nowadays, lots of different types of bets are laid and not simple bets on who will win and who will lose. Accumulator bets, over/under bets, which player will score first, which team will score first, what will be the final score, and many other such exotic bets. Off course, the stakes increase as the risk increases.
It is indeed confusing for a person new to soccer betting to understand all terms at once. The internet comes handy in such a time. Like how there are tutorials in colleges, internet too has tutorials and soccer betting guides in the form of 101 betting guides. These cover all topics from basics of soccer betting to advanced topics like types of bets, how to interpret odds, how to decide whether to go for money line or point spread, which bets to choose as beginner and many other topics.
Review the sports betting sites and decide the best soccer betting account for you
Most of the online betting sites cover soccer betting. So there is bound to be confusion with which betting site to open the account. Well, the competition in soccer betting industry is immense. So there are many exciting offers always in store for new users in the form of free bets and sports betting bonuses. The odds offered by the bookmaker is another criteria to choose the sports book with which you want to open your account with. Once you have opened your betting account, as a beginner the most recommended types of bets are the result bet on a favorite team and the over/under 0.5 or 1.5 goal bet. Once you get the hang of soccer betting, you can then slowly start taking risks and start betting the other types of bets like spread betting, number of goals bet, etc. If you do not have time to do some statistical research before placing bets, you can rely on professional tipsters who give betting advice in sports websites.
Do not aim for 100% success ratio?
Never think that you are a successful in soccer betting only if all your bets win. A 100% win ratio is never possible in any gambling. If you bet moderate amounts a success ratio of 55 to 60% will also give you good earnings.
Do your research and then take your first baby steps into the world of soccer betting and then soar high with wings strengthened by experience.