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Interpreting a sports bet spread

Sports Bet Spread –What is spread betting

Sport betting is a popular form of gambling worldwide. Every day millions of money change hands in the ever growing betting industry. To make betting interesting even on the most predictable of matches, bookies keep introducing new ways to read the betting lines. A sports bet spread is one such method of making the betting odds more interesting.
Let us try to understand what exactly a sports bet spread is.
A sports bet spread is nothing but an advantage given to an underdog team before any match start. It is also called as a point spread. This system is a favorite among bookmakers in case of one sided matches when it is known that a particular team will surely win. In such case in normal scenarios people place bets on the favorite team. To make bets happen on the underdogs, a handicap is given to the favorite team. The underdog is given a head start in the form of imaginary goals before the start of the match.

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Let us understand more with a simple example.
There is an upcoming match between Team X and Team Y and Team X are the favorites to win. The bookmakers give a handicap of -4.5 goals to Team X. Now the odds are as shown
Team X -4.5 -120 (2.20)
Team Y +4.5 -120 (2.20)
This means that when the match begins, Team Y has already imaginary 4.5 points/goals in its kitty. If you place a bet that team X will win, X has to win by a margin of more than 4.5 points/goals. If X wins by less than 4.5 goals you lose the bet even if Team X wins because Team A has not covered the bet spread. In this way bookmakers lure folks to bet on Team Y even if it is an underdog.
If you bet on team Y, the sports bet spread mechanism ensures that even if Team Y loses, but by a margin of less than 4.5 goals, the bet on Y is a winning one.
You must be wondering why 4.5 and not 4 or 5. Well, the decimal is to avoid a draw result. If the handicap is 4, in case the final goal is 6-2, the bet will be a draw as due to the handicap final score of Y too is 6. The half goal takes care of eliminating this possibility of a draw thereby saving the bookmakers from returning back the money to punters.
What was the 120 part of the odds?
It means for the bet spread of 4.5, the bookmakers have set an amount of 120$. To win 100$, you should stake 120$ in your bet. If you win the bet you get a total of 120+100$. If you lose the bet, the 120$ staked is lost.
The sports bet spread differs across the bookmakers. Accordingly, interpret the bet spread, compare the odds and bet on sites offering a reasonable odd. If the handicap is quite big, the favorite team might struggle to meet the desired margin of victory. Hence comparing and arriving at the best odds is the best strategy to place a winning bet.

Betting on the underdogs in the sports betting

Betting-on-the-underdogsThe sports betting industry has seen a remarkable growth ever since the advent of online sports books have entered the market. Easy and cheap internet access across the world has led to more and more number of bettors opening a betting account every day. Along with betting sites, there are many other sites which offer betting tips, guides, free picks and free and paid betting advice to the millions of new bettors voyaging into the world of sports betting.
As a bettor, everybody by default bets on the favorite as it is the least risky form of sports betting. But if everybody bets on the favorite and wins, bookies will have to pay out to all their customers. Hence the sports betting methods keep evolving such that bookies introduce new ways of increasing their profits. Betting on the underdogs in any match is now not a risky bet. The point spread method of betting gives an equal chance to underdogs in the sports betting world.
Let us have a quick look as to how betting on the underdogs can be profitable in the sports betting.

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Why to do an underdog sports betting?

In case of a point spread, sports book give an advantage to the underdog team for the purpose of the sports betting. This means that before the start of the match, an underdog is given advance points. The favorite team should win by a margin more than the allocated points (called as point spread) for a bet on the favorites to be considered as a winning bet. This point spread system in sports betting actually prevents everybody from betting on favorites always.
As a bettor you can actually gain by betting on the underdog in the world of sports betting. Let us take an example.
Team A vs. Team B is about to happen and Team A is the favorite. The point spread is 4. If you place a bet on Team A, it has to win by more than 4 goals for any bet on team A to be treated as a winning bet.
If Team B wins by less than 4 goals, the underdog team B has not won the match, but you have won the bet placed on the underdog!!! This is the difference between the sports betting result and the actual match result!!!
The underdog always receives the points. As the match time approaches and bookies feel the people are still betting on the favorites, they give more points to the underdogs. Winning by such a huge margin will definitely be difficult for the favorites and so if at this stage you bet on the underdog, the chances of your sports betting win are more. How big the points spread goes depends on the teams playing.
Research on the teams playing and take your chances against huge point spreads only if the underdog is capable of preventing a thrashing by a huge margin. If they play badly, the chances of the spread being covered by the favorite is high.
So take a chance by betting on the underdog, but do not overdo yourself in your enthusiasm of sports betting.

Sports Betting 101

Sports-Betting-101Sports betting is a growing industry and an evergreen one at that. Betting on horses and other forms of sports has been going on since ages. But with the advent of technology and internet sports betting has been made accessible to folks from all walks of life all over the world. As more and more people get into the world of sports betting, a quick tour, articles or guide about how to bet on sports, the betting terminologies and how to place bets are very useful. Such articles on basics of sports betting are often called as sports betting 101. 101 is synonymous with basic learning and hence the name Sports Betting 101.
This article is a quick help for you to understand the basics of sports betting.

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Sports Betting 101- Tips for sports betting

Never start with huge bets. Decide your budget. Set aside that money only for betting. Do not think that you will recover that money and will be able to fund your additional expenses. While betting be prepared to lose that amount. If you cannot afford losing it, do not bet.
Never bet when your mind’s decision making capability is impaired. Be it alcohol, stress, drugs or any other form of diversions to the mind, bet only when you are in a proper state of mind. There are many a cases when in the euphoria of having taken a few drinks; bettors feel that they are invincible. This mind set is the most dangerous one.
Read, read and read. Do extensive research on the internet to learn the concepts of sports betting, before taking the plunge into higher stakes.
Sports Betting 101- How to interpret point Spread and money line
Point spread and money line are the two popular methods of reading the odds offered by bookmakers.
Money line is more used than point spread. Point spread was introduced later on to add more excitement to betting.
An example will show you how to interpret a money line
For a match between Team A and Team B the odds given by bookies are as below
Team A -130 (2.30 decimal odds)
Team B +120 (2.20 decimal odds)
To win 100$ on Team A, a punter needs to risk losing 130$ in case A loses. Whereas a Team B, which is marked as the underdog with the + symbol, win will earn 120$ for a punter who has risked 100$.
A point spread is similar to moneyline but here an additional clause is added to the odds. A margin is added to the odds to increase the scope of the bet.
An example will show how to interpret a point spread bet
For a match the point spread bet looks like this
Team A -4 – 120 (2.20 decimal odds)
Team B +4 -120 (2.20 decimal odds)
Team A should win by more than 4 goals if a punter wants to earn 100$ for the 120$ which he has risked. If you are betting on Team B, you still stand to win your bet if team B loses by not more than 4 goals. In case Team A wins by 5 goals, it is a draw and money is refunded.
Use these 101 guides and embark on a journey into this uncertain but exciting world of sports betting.