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Free sports picks – Your friendly help in sports betting

Free-sports-picksSports betting is a popular gambling technique opted by millions of bettor world over. Some bet for the thrill, some for earning quick bucks and some have even made a profession out of it. Those who have just entered into the world of sports betting, might have a rough time initially understanding the terms and conditions of sports betting sites and how to choose the winning bet. If a bettor is well versed with the sport, sports betting will come naturally and instinct will tell on what to bet on. But if the sport is a new one, or if a bettor is trying to take a risk and bet on a sport other than the one familiar to him, sports betting can be a risky business.
To minimize the risk, free sports picks by betting experts lend a helping hand.

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Free sports picks – How to select them?

Like any profession, sports betting sites also use statistics and analysis to determine match outcomes. There are many experts devoted to running computer algorithms, doing mental maths soaking in the smallest of data pertaining to all upcoming matches open for betting. These betting experts formulate their own logic and come up with expert free sports picks. These picks tell bettors which bet has the highest probability of a win.
There are many such experts offering free sports picks via mailing lists, banners in sports websites. They will make you sign up for their free sports picks and once you sign up with them you will start receiving the free sports picks into your inbox. Please be careful and avoid signing in for multiple free sports picks mailer as it will only lead to confusion.
Most of the good sports betting sites give statistics of their free picks. Watch out for an accuracy of 55-60% as sites promising 100% successful free sports picks are all scams. Read user reviews, check out what folks are talking in forums about the tipster and then decide which site for free sports picks. You can also get detailed reviews about which site offers more profit making free sports picks thereby helping you to make a decision.
Most of the sites offer free sports picks initially and then once the user is convinced of the success ratio he can opt for the premium sports picks in which users are given exclusive sports picks at a price.
These free sports picks allow you to move out of your comfort zone. You may be a cricket fan not knowing much about the game of soccer. Soccer betting is the most popular category in sports betting. You limited soccer knowledge will mean that you cannot decide which will be a winning bet. In such a scenario if you take the help of these betting information sites with a good success rate, you can sign up for their free sports picks section and lo and behold, all winning tips are at your doorstep free of cost and without any hassles of research from your end!!!!
By the time you become an expert on your own, make use of these free sports picks and reap the benefits of winning sports bets.

Sports Betting Online – The latest way to place bets easily

Sports-Betting-OnlineBetting is one of the oldest forms of gamble. Sports betting like betting on soccer, horse racing, tennis, cricket and baseball are common all across the world. Some countries have recognized betting as a legal industry and it contributes in large numbers to such countries’ revenue and employment generation. In this era of technology, the latest form of betting is online sports betting. Making sports betting online has opened the floodgates to a huge number of punters worldwide. A sport betting when done online is considered to be a legal form of betting.

Advantages of sports betting online:

1. Bet legally from the comfort of your home
2. Compare the odds offered by the various online sports betting portals and choose the one which give you best odds
3. Avail of the free bets which are offered by most of the online sites for new users
Most of the popular sports betting online sites offer betting on games like football, tennis, cricket, horse racing, baseball and rugby.

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Steps to do sports betting online:

1. Open an account with an online booking site like bet365, William Hill, etc. There are many sites available. Choose a site which has received trustworthy reviews to avoid any online frauds. Most of these sites will ask your personal details and your debit/credit card details. Once you have registered, your account is ready. The sites usually employ highest degree of security while collecting the banking details.
2. The next step is paying the deposit amount to the site. This is your initial balance with the site which will be used to place your first bet.
3. Now you are ready for sports betting online. Navigate through the various sports categories in the site and select your desired match. Navigate through the various bets offered and place your bet. You will be granted an online acknowledgment as your bet slip.
4. Now wait for the match outcome. If you win, the winning amount is credited to your betting account. If you lose, your betting deposit gets debited. Once your money comes to the betting account, you can chose to withdraw the money to your debit/credit card or you can let the winning accumulate for the next bets.

Some Popular sites for sports betting online

These are a variety of sites which offer sports betting online. Some of them which have a decent review amongst the internet users are listed below. This is just for your reference and the order is not relevant.

The biggest advantage of doing sports betting online is that in a bid to attract new customers many sites offer free bets. You can open accounts with multiple sites and avail such offers and also compare the odds across sites and easily place bet on the site which gives you the best odd. The drawback of the wide reach of sports betting online is that it carries the risk of making betting an addiction. The ease of access has created many compulsive gamblers. So be careful of the luck factor and do not let betting control your life.

Sports betting sites – Which one is for you?

sports-betting-sitesBetting is done by people all over the world. Some do legally and some do secretly. Some do through bookies in betting offices and some do via online sports betting sites. Internet access to majority of the population has created a booming online betting industry and sports betting sites are coming up dime a dozen. In such a scenario it is very natural to fall prey to fraudulent sites which are in the business of duping customers in the name of creating betting accounts. So before signing up with any sports betting sites first check its credentials.
These are some tips to help you to decide which sports betting sites can be selected.

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Opt for tried and tested sports betting sites

You must have heard about some betting sites from your friends, colleagues and relatives at some point. Talk to them about their experiences with such sites. Select few such recommended sites and research about them using the internet and select the one best suited for your requirements. You will find ample recommendations from sites exclusively created for giving betting related information. There are many forums, reviews available on the net which rate the sports betting sites. It is not that the comments and reviews will be always genuine, so watch out for reviews showering extra praise. It might be just an advertising gimmick!!
Opt for sports betting sites offering many sports
There are many sports on which betting take place. So choose among sites which offer bets on more than one sport so that it is easy to switch between different types of bets depending on your comfort level with the various sports. You can place bets on soccer during soccer match and at the same time switch to basketball when those matches are taking place.
Compare the free bonus offers given by the sports betting sites
Many sites offer free bets and bonus to new customers when they sign up. Compare the various offers and terms and conditions of claiming these bonus amounts and then opt for an account with the betting site where you will earn more.
Check out the deposit and withdrawal process of the sports betting sites
Most of the sites take user credit/debit card options during sign up to deposit the winning amount on withdrawal instructions. Ensure that these are secure pages while filling in any information pertaining to money. Ensure that the site is ably supported by a good customer service so that you get answers to any doubts related to depositing and withdrawing the money in the account.
Compare the odds offered by the different sports betting sites
The competition amongst the various betting sites forces them to offer good odds. Compare the various odds over a couple of days and research on which odds have higher winning percentage and gains. Though the difference will be marginal, when the stakes are high a small decimal point can make all the difference in the winning amount. So after careful research on the odds and promptness of the payouts, select your sports betting site.
You will make mistakes initially, but keep reading and researching utilizing the power of the World Wide Web to the fullest.